Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hello :)

Hi guys! So I have created my own blog...and this is my first post which is VERY exciting for me! It's hard to know what to talk about first...so I thought maybe I would just let you know a bit more about...me? Most of you have known me for a while now but I bet there's lots of things you don't know about me, so I asked you for some questions on Twitter and Facebook...and as usual you were very helpful! :) 

Question: Pam Kelley How are the guitar lessons coming along?
The guitar lessons are coming along great! I love playing the guitar, I have to play at least once a day I find it so relaxing. (But sometimes it annoys my sister especially early in the morning!!) I only started playing in the last year but I know it's something I'm always going to keep up. I recently bought an electric guitar so now I'm learning that too! 

Question: Deb Scott What's your favorite and least favorite foods?
This is an easy one! My favourite has to be one of my mam's currys and my least favourite is definitely garlic, ugh I hate it so much! I won't touch anything with garlic in it....and you can't sneak it into something and trick me...I'll know it's there! 

Question:   What is the one thing we would never guess about you?
Hmm..... I've broken my right arm three times, once from falling off my bike and twice while playing sports!! One time I broke it right before the opening night of a production of 'Oliver Twist' that I was playing Oliver in! I had to wear a long sleeved top and try act like normal but people were probably wondering why my right arm looked so stiff!!

Question:   Did the CT guys pull any pranks on u & did u pull any on them? :) 
Every day!! There were so many....but the one that stands out most was when a fan gave me loads of silly string right before a show and I was thinking to myself 'better not spray any of the guys before the show...don't want to ruin their clothes.....' So I decided to wait til after the show to spray them....but THEN, right during the finale Keith ran on stage with the silly string and covered me in it! I couldn't believe he'd found it, but it was funny, he got me good!

Question:  did you like touring with the lads in the states?
I loved the whole experience of touring the states! It was so much fun to wake up somewhere new almost every day! Every venue had different food, different accents, different places to visit, it was so exciting! Performing almost every night was such a buzz too.... I don't think I could ever get bored of that feeling! 

Question: Alexis Marie  How old are your brother and sister? 
My brother Thomas is 18 and my sister Roisin is 21. The three of us are really close and usually just laugh at silly things!! Thomas is studying to be a teacher and Roisin just finished a communications degree and is heading to the states for the summer! She's going to Maine to teach photography in a summer camp, I'll miss her but I know she'll have an amazing time! 

Me with Thomas and Roisin before I headed off last August! 

Question: Kim Kimball What was you favorite moment on CT?
My favourite moment had to be meeting Damian and all the other guys from The Glee Project (Bryce, Cameron and Samuel) I had watched the whole series and I had heard so much about Damian...so I was definitely a bit starstruck when they all arrived to one of our shows!! 

Question: Emily Bell what's your favorite movie?! :D
My favourite movie (well... there's 8!) definitely the whole Harry Potter series. I had read all the books and loved them so I was so excited for the movies, I have all the DVD's now too! When my brother and sister came to Florida last October Sharon bought us all tickets to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal it was definitely one of my highlights!! 

Question: Keanna Irving What was it like to win Irelands got talent?
Winning The All Ireland Talent Show was such a crazy experience.....the start of a crazy year!! It was the best feeling in the world when my name was called out as the winner I couldn't believe it,  the best thing though was sharing it with my family and friends, they were all there and they were all crying and jumping and hugging each other! The next day my picture was in every newspaper and on the national news, I had never experienced anything like it!

 what is your ultimate Dream in life
I don't have an exact dream right now.... but I know that if I always have music in my life and my family around me I'll be happy :) 

So there you go guys... my first blog post! It wasn't that hard.... I guess! Hope you enjoy reading it and I'll be talking to you very soon!

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  1. fantastic job! Looking forward to the next blog.

  2. Great post Daniel can't wait to read more.

  3. Great blog. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Daniel - great job. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. :)

  5. Thank you! Not only did you answer my question, but that was MY silly string at Little Rock! I really thought the can Keith had looked smaller than the others I'd given you... Sorry! Hope you got him back!!!

  6. Nice job! You're an interesting young man.

  7. Great blog Daniel. Cant wait for more. Have a great time at camp with your friends and stay safe.

  8. Your such an awesome kid. It was a fun getting to know you better. BTW im also a huge Harry Potter fan :)

  9. Hi daniel! Awesome blog! i cant wait to see what you write next!:P P.S.i like harry potter too!!!! (but Ct is MUCH cooler!) P.P.S.Keanna Irving is one of my closest friends from school! :)

  10. Hi Daniel, Thank you for your nice blog. Can't wait for the next one. I am still waiting for your album has arrives. Greetings from Holland.

  11. Thanks Daniel... it's a very informative and lively blog. Loved reading all the little tidbits of information that you gave about yourself, your family and Celtic Thunder tour! It all sounds magical - I loved that you liked meeting Damian.. I'd like that as well. I did get to a CT performance in Halifax when he was there, before he joined Glee, and that was exciting! I eagerly await your next blog! I'll also check out your CD and will buy!

  12. Hey Daniel!!!! Top notch blog!!! I f I were to start writing one I wouldnt have a very good idea of where to start either. At least with the Twitter and Facebook you were able to get a go on. You are a wonderful and tremendously talented young man!!! I cant wait to see you and all the other lads perform in LA in December!!! I look forward to supporting you in all your endevors!!! Can't wait for the next blog!! You make me smile!!! Keep the going great!! Much love!!!