Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kilmore :)

Hello everybody! Welcome to my newest blog post! Today I'm going to give you an exclusive insider tour of my favourite place....Kilmore. It's a seaside village here in county Wexford. My Granny Stafford lives there so I'm there a lot, which is fine by me! 

Me and my Granny Eileen on her 94th birthday!
My granny has a dog called Pepper, he's really friendly but a bit of an eejit as my granny would say! 

Kilmore is famous around Ireland for being one of the only places to still have thatched cottages. Thatched cottages don't have normal roofs they have layers and layers of straw instead! They look really cool too. 

Nearly every summer seals come to live in the quay, they're so funny to watch! All the fishermen spoil them and usually throw them a fish when they come back at the end of the day! Sometimes we go crab fishing off the side of the pier, but we always let the crabs go after we catch them - I don't want to anger any crabs! 

Kilmore has looooads of beaches which are always fun!! 

There was a crazy mist rolling in off the sea!
This beach is called 'the burrow'. 
There's a part of land that juts out into the sea and it's called Forlorn Point, when the sea goes out you can pick Mussels off the rocks (not that I would eat them, bleugh)! Overlooking it is a commemorative garden for all the people who have been lost at sea. 

This statue represents all the people who have stood at this spot and waited for someone to return home to them from the sea. 
This is a giant rib bone from a whale that washed ashore in 2000!
Another place that I think is really cool (but a bit scary) is a graveyard beside my granny's house. It's one of the oldest graveyards in Ireland! My great granny and great grandad are buried there. The ruins of an old church are in the middle of the graveyard, the church is so old that noone really knows when it was built but people think it was in the 12th century! 

These steps that jut out of the wall are how you enter!! 

The water from this holy water font is said to get rid of warts! My granny swears it actually works!

Granny says the church was a ruin even when she was a little girl!
So there you have it the Daniel Furlong tour of Kilmore! (Maybe I should be a tourguide if the singing doesn't work out hehe!) I hope you have enjoyed getting to see my favourite parts of Kilmore and maybe if you haven't ever been here you might take a peek if you're in the area! Hopefully you can see why I like it so much :)

Bye for now! 

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  1. Daniel love the post and so day hope to get to Ireland to see this beautiful country. Thank you for sharing and for sharing your granny!

  2. Thank you so much Daniel for sharing. Ireland is a very mystical place that I hope to see one day. No one can have too many jobs so be a singer and a tour guide, you are great at both. Take care...

  3. Kilmore looks awesome. Would love to visit there someday with you as my tour guide.

  4. it looks like a truly wonderful place where your granny lives. I am glad you get to spend a lot of time there. I love your voice and will be ordering your album.

  5. **Thank you Daniel for this beautifuly composed blog**I exspecially loved the pictures..My family is from IRELAND as well..Came over on the ships during the potato famine many years ago to the United States..You really put alot of thought and effort into your blog**If I were your school teacher I would give you an A+..Hope to see you some time in the future real soon..Keep up your studies and take care of your Granny..HUGS AND LOTS OF LOVE XXX <3 <3 <3 :) :) +++

  6. Daniel, thank you for this lovely tour of Kilmore. It certainly makes me want to visit! Hope you are doing well and we get to see you perform again real soon!

  7. Wonderful photographs, Daniel. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I have your CD, and I <3 it.

  8. This is super cool Daniel!!! My friend and I are planning a trip to Ireland in the next couple years. For broke college kids it takes a little while to earn the money) I think we will definatly try to make Kilmore a stop on our trip. It looks amazing. :). Maybe if we're lucky you'll be ther and can show us all the cool spots you talked about. Great to hear that you're having fun. You're such a great kid and
    Make me smile. Cheers.

  9. Daniel, you are such a sweetheart. I enjoy your blogs. They are so informative and I may never make it to Ireland, but I love seeing it through your eyes! Hope to see you back when the Thunder Rolls! Hi to your granny, she looks like a sweetheart! Take care, Daniel
    Pamela Black

  10. Lovely tour of a beautiful place. Would love to see it, but am on the other side of the globe. Thanks for this. -bc

  11. Hi Daniel, that was a very nice blog and thank you so much for showing us around Kilmore. Love the pictures of the cottages with their thatched quaint they look. And as I have a facination for old cemeteries, I'd really like to explore that old graveyard beside your Granny's house.
    I would dearly love to visit Ireland, maybe it will happen one day, who knows?